Somewhere Between Salty Sunrises & Sunsets

Dreams, Visions & Goals

It has been a long time coming for me to finally set up my personal website. I have been working with Rich with SEO and web development for many years now. My skills for developing a WordPress website have been evolving as I understand more about the technical ends and outs of the web. Over the years, I have slowly picked up the syntax and some elements for CSS and HTML. I have a desire to learn CSS inside and out so that I can properly style a website all by myself. This website will be my playground as I learn so it will evolve as I do. So, with the dream of being an entrepreneur and the vision of growing a sustainable business to provide the easy living retirement of my dreams, I have set my goals and have the determination to follow through with them. Web Design is just one of my many growing interests. My love for photography and nature has become my passion in Florida but it also serves a very therapeutic purpose, as well. Before I am too old, I will have an amazing camera and will be learning how to edit my own photography. It is time to put my marketing skills to the test. đŸ™‚

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